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Mini Frisbee Puck - 1pcs Flying Disc Yellow

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Reference: MASFRISB001

Smart little frisbee that is incredibly fun to play with! This mini-frisbee most resembles a rubber puck. When you throw the frisbee, it glides easily through the air. It's easy to throw and just as easy to catch. The Mini Frisbee puck resembles the popular ZipChip Frisbee puck that has taken the world by storm, and this version can also be thrown up to 50-60 meters. When throwing a mini-frisbee puck, you must hold it in a very special way. You should hold it between your index and thumb along the edge of the frisbee and not the top and bottom. (see more in the illustration image in the image series on this product). The puck is incredibly soft and comfortable to hold in the hand, so it doesn't hurt to catch it when playing. When you're done playing, the mini-frisbee puck is easy to carry in your pocket or bag as it is only 6.5 cm in diameter and 1.2 cm wide.

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Product Specifications

65mm x 12mm
Gross weight

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