Neocubes consist of a lot of magnetic balls, which are assembled as a square from the start. Our Neo Cubes on the site consist of a total of 216 high-quality metal balls that you can use to experiment and build with in the most creative ways. You can give your imagination free rein and build geometrically complex shapes and make all kinds of shapes and forms.


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Neocubes for your creative needs

At you will be able to find handpicked neocubes at varying prices. We offer neocubes in lots of different colors. If you haven’t yet heard of neocubes, we advise you to spend just 5 minutes of your time looking through our collection. Neocubes are a modern take on the more commonly known geomag. The product consists of lots of small magnetic metal balls, which are brought to you in the form of a cube. The cube is however just a kind of “wrapping” for the hours worth of adventures and creativity, which follows when buying a neocube. If you’re still unsure about what neocubes are, you can try to imagine it as ball-shaped legos, which are held together through magnetism rather than plastic tubes.

Neocubes provide hours worth of entertainment as they act as a simple toy to channel your creativity through in a manner, which is only limited by the fantasy of the owner. Do you want to build a neocube house? Go on! Maybe even a neocube city with neocube people? Sure, why not? What about a lifesize neocube Statue of Liberty? It’s gonna take a while, but good luck! In short, neocubes are toys with unlimited reusability and it is perfect for both kids as well as adults who want a way to unfold and display their creativity in a new and different way.

We offer cheap neocubes at MasterCubeStore

At you will find neocubes in tons of different colors and sizes. Our products vary in prizes as we want to provide neocubes that suit you no matter your tastes! Please note that the price is directly related to the model rather than the quality of the product, and for this reason, you will easily be able to find cheap neocubes, which are just as good as the more expensive models. In our webshop we offer a broad selection of rapidly changing sales and campaigns, which we update on a regular basis, and thus you can feel free to check back in every now and again to ensure that you don’t miss a great deal on a product, which you are interested in.

Huge selection of neocubes for kids and adults alike

We offer a broad selection of neocbues as well as tons of variants of the original Rubik’s cube. All of the different Rubik’s cube types are targeted at kids and adults alike, as they are usable for an endless amount of different purposes. It is common for adults to solve a Rubik’s cube a couple of times every year, as this is an effective way to keep the brain going. Even though kids usually use Rubik’s cubes for fun and games rather than concentrated training, it is at least as healthy for them as the adults. When a child plays with or tries to solve a Rubik’s cube, their abilities to learn, concentrate and think in a different way are strengthened.

After trying your skills on a Rubik’s cube for a sustained period of time, most people will experience that their memory as well as their systematic thought process has been greatly improved.

For help and guidance please contact our customer service

If you are unsure about which neocube to buy for yourself or as a gift, please contact our customer service at You can also reach out to us through our contacting service. We will try to reply within 48 hours. At MasterCubeStore we wish to be available as much as possible, and we strive to keep a professional and constructive dialogue with our customers.