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3x3 Cubes

At MasterCubeStore.com you will find a large assortment of 3x3 speedcubes. We’ve handpicked the best and most popular 3x3 Rubik’s cubes from the international market. 3x3 speedcubes are the standard cube type, which is the most commonly bought cube type on a world wide basis. The reason that the 3x3 speedcube is because of its fantastical simplicity, which yet provides endless amounts of challenge and entertainment. In our selection you will find tons of different variations and types of 3x3 speedcubes, as we wish to offer cubes that suit you no matter your taste. You can find speedcubes disguised as joyous fruits and a ton of other amazing and colorful speedcubes in our webshop.

We offer 3x3 speedcubes from all of the popular brands: GAN, MoYu, QiYi MoFangGe, YuXin, DaYan, ShengShou, FangShi, and tons more. Our speedcubes spand a large range of prices, which are connected to the brand of the cube rather than the quality. This means that cheap cubes don’t necessarily mean low quality, Due to our razor-sharp prices you can quickly establish a presentable collection of cubes without it costing a fortune. If you need help or guidance in picking the right 3x3 speedcube for yourself or as a gift, feel free to contact our customer service at info@mastercubestore.dk. You can also use our contacting service.

Huge selection of challenging 3x3 speedcubes at MasterCubeStore

At MasterCubeStore.com we offer a broad and exciting selection of 3x3 cubes to suit your needs no matter your taste. It doesn’t matter if you are a newcomer to the speedcubing world or if you are an expert cube enthusiast. MasterCubeStore has something that fits you. Which cube is right for you is an individual matter of taste, and therefore we wish to offer cubes to all needs.

Speedcubes have been popular toys since the 80’s, and they still massively hold up today. Speedcubing never leaves the spotlight, and most people still own a speedcube today. If you don’t own a Rubik’s cube yourself, you’ve definitely seen it on tv or in books, as the popularity of speedcubes is and has been very widespread for many years.

Strengthen your patience and concentration with a 3x3 speedcube

It takes patience and concentration to solve a speedcube, but this also means that you will strengthen both of these skills on your way to becoming a speedcubing master. Speedcubes are relatively simple toys, which act as a wrapping for all of the great experiences that follow. After solving a speedcube for the very first time, you will feel a rush of success. After your first solve you can practice solving the cube at a faster pace.

Speedcubes are addictive in a healthy way, as they are hard to put back down, once they’ve been picked up. Lots of people solve a Rubik’s cube multiple times a year to keep their brains going. As soon as you’ve become well acquainted with the solution, your brain is strengthened with every future solve. If you haven’t yet learned to solve a Rubik’s cube, we have an easy to follow step by step guide ready for you.

For help and guidance please contact our customer service

If you are unsure about which 3x3-cube to buy for yourself or as a gift, please contact our customer service at info@mastercubestore.dk. You can also reach out to us through our contacting service. We will try to reply within 48 hours. At MasterCubeStore we wish to be available as much as possible, and we strive to keep a professional and constructive dialogue with our customers.