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Here you will find Europes largest selection of Rubik’s cubes at great prices. At MasterCubeStore.com you can buy Rubik's cubes and speedcubes as well as a variety of different IQ challenges.

MasterCubeStore started selling IQ toys at cheap prices to all of Europe in 2017. Our mission was to distribute all of the popular brands within the world of speedcubing, and this is something, which we can proudly inform you that we are still living up to. Today MasterCubeStore houses thousands of different cubes in different forms and sizes spread over 40 different brands. Buying Rubik's Cubes online from our store is both cheap and easy. We look forward to welcoming you into our webshop.

Europe no. 1 retailer of speedcubes and IQ toys

At MasterCubeStore we strive to keep a pleasant and professional dialogue with our customers, wether it is on the topic of our selection, our webshop, or something completely different. With quick customer service and more than 100,000 satisfied customers we truly believe that we are doing something right.

MasterCubeStore uses hard work to try and bestow the quickest delivery and the greatest service upon you.

If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us at our mail: info@mastercubestore.dk.

The company

MasterCubeStore.com is an online webshop, who specializes in Rubik's cubes, speedcubes, magic cubes, as well as a broad variety of different IQ challenges.   

MasterCubeStore offers more than 1,000 different Rubik's cubes and brain teasers. We distribute different brands such as: GAN, QiYi, Rubik's, MoYu, DaYan, ShengShou, and many others!

At MasterCubeStore we guarantee:

  • High quality products

  • Competitive prices

  • A huge selection

Buy your Rubik's Cubes at MasterCubeStore.com

We strive to have the greatest assortment and selection of products. Our prices can compete with the rest of the cubing market, and we are always ready to help, as we wish to offer you the greatest deals as well as a nice experience.

We welcome you into our shop and thank you for choosing us!

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