Price guarantee at MasterCubeStore - now covers the entire EU!

At, we strive to ensure you get the cheapest and best prices on the market. Therefore, we now also offer a price guarantee that extends beyond the entire EU.

We always aim to have the lowest price on ALL items, but if we miss it and you find a better price elsewhere? No worries! We match the price - we match the entire EU.

How does our EU price guarantee work?

  1. Find the item you want with us.
  2. Do you spot a better price elsewhere? Let us know!
  3. We ensure to match the price and ensure that you get the lower price with us.


You are looking for a new Speedcube. You find it for 13 EUR at an online store in Poland. At MasterCubeStore, we have the same Speedcube, but at a higher price of 15 EUR. So - our price guarantee, which covers the entire EU - now allows you to get the same Speedcube for 13 EUR at MasterCubeStore.

To ensure a fair comparison of prices, the given price must meet these conditions before contacting our customer service:

We match the price including delivery if the total price (item + shipping) is over 69 EUR, as purchases over 69 EUR* include shipping. *Free shipping threshold is 89 EUR for some specific recipient countries and up to 199 EUR for some areas outside the EU.

The item at MasterCubeStore must be marked with the price guarantee icon.

The item must be in stock at the store or online store we match. Remote warehouses or similar inventory indications are not matched.

The item must be fully identical in both variant, color, and EAN (barcode).

The price must not be part of purchase offers, clearance sales, 1-day offers, clearance sales, online "yes, please" offers, discount codes, or offers with limited quantities. The price must also not be a member price or otherwise conditioned by membership/subscription.

What do you need to do?

Send the link to the web address where you found the better offer.

Send it to our customer service via email

We will review your information and match the price if everything is in order.

If you have purchased an item at MasterCubeStore and find the item cheaper in another online store in the EU, you can get the difference refunded within 14 days. Simply contact our customer service at, and we will take care of it for you.

So remember, when you shop with us, you don't have to worry about finding a better price elsewhere. We match and are here to ensure the best shopping experience!

If you have any questions or need assistance with price guarantee? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service team - they are ready to assist you and help with your order.

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