Payment accepts payment with Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro (3D), JCB, Diners club, and VISA.

All amounts are incl. VAT. uses a certified payment-service, which encrypts all of your account information using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that we can’t read any of your account information.


Delivery ships all workdays and our packages are never sent any later than the following workday, unless something else is stated on the website. Delivery costs and times depend on the country, the order is delivered to.


Right of complaint

You have 24 months of right of complaint as stated in the law of purchasing. This means that you’ll be able to get your order repaired, traded, or partly or fully refunded based on the situation. Any damage on the products caused by wrong handling from the customer isn’t covered by the right of complaint.

MasterCubeStore must be contacted about Complaints regarding mistakes in the order within a reasonable time limit. In this case, two months are considered a reasonable time limit unless else is agreed upon. We refund shipping costs regarding complaints, as long as the issue was caused by us or the manufacturer.

How do I file a complaint?

First you need to send us an e-mail containing a detailed description of the issue as well as a picture of the before mentioned issue as well as the entire product. Then we willl be able to assess the problem compared to the usual quality of the product.

If it’s decided that there is a reason for the complaint, we’ll naturally cover your reasonable shipping costs, so please contact us on before shipping the product yourself. If we wish for you to return a damaged product, we will send you a mail containing a return link as well as a return label.

The product will be returned to:

MasterCubeStore ApS
Randersvej 26
6700 Esbjerg 
CVR: 38641344

We will contact you via. mail, if you decide to file a cancellation or a complaint.

If you have sent a product due to cancellation or complaint, you will receive an e-mail, once we have received and handled the returned package. The mail will contain information about the handling of your cancellation/complaint.



If reimbursement is agreed upon, you will be asked to send some bank information so that we can transfer the agreed amount.


Right of cancellation

You are given 30 days of right of cancellation when buying from our Webshop.

The period is calculated from the day you receive your order.

When returning an order, you will have to pay for shipment yourself, and you are responsible for any damages to the product during delivery. You are allowed to use our return service, where you can get a return label, which MasterCubeStore will pay for. If you decide to use our return service, we reserve the right to subtract the cost of delivery from the full amount when refunding your order.

Download return label: Return service

Cancellation has to be issued within 30 days of the delivery of your order, and you have to return your order within 30 days of contacting us.

You will have to contact us through our mail: In your mail, you will have to clearly inform us that you wish to use your right of cancellation. We encourage you to also fill out our standard return form and put it in the box alongside the invoice and the order. You can find our return form here:



The condition of the product when returning it

You will only be charged for possible deterioration of the value of the product, if it is caused by any other handling than what is necessary to determine the quality and condition of the product. In other words - you can try the product in the same way, as you would have done in a physical store.

If the product has been used beyond what is stated above, we will see it as “used”, which means that you will not receive the full amount when cancelling your order. If the product is completely broken, we might not allow you to cancel.

To receive a full refund you will have to use the product as you would in a physical store. You can try the product, but you can’t use it as if it was yours.

We recommend that you return the product in its original packaging. If the original packaging is missing, it may lead to deterioration of the value of the product.


Refunding your money

If you cancel your purchase, you will get your money refunded. If the condition of the product has worsened, we will subtract an amount from the full value of the product.

We refund every payment received by you. This includes delivery, though we will not refund extra delivery costs in case you decide to use another type of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery, which we offer. The money is refunded within 30 days of the day that you decide to cancel your order (but probably a lot sooner).

We will refund the money to the account which was used when placing the order unless we have agreed upon another solution.

We can refuse to let the transaction through until we have received the product, unless you show us clear documentation, which proves that you have returned your order.


Complaining options - Contact and link

If you want to complain about a product, which was bought from our Webshop, you can send a message to our customer service:


If we do not manage to agree upon a solution, but you live in another EU-country, you can complain to the Commission's online complaining service:

The service can be found here:

If you file a complaint, you will have to inform about our E-mail adress:


Personal data policy

We need the following informations when you order from us:

Name, address, phone number, and email address.

We will register and forward the personal information which is necessary to deliver your order. Your personal information is registered at Ankersoe ApS and is stored for five years before being deleted.Personoplysningerne registreres hos Ankersoe ApS og opbevares i fem år, hvorefter oplysningerne slettes.

We partner with a couple of other companies, who store and process data. The companies will only process information on our terms and they can not use them for their own purposes.

We only work with data-processors within the EU or in countries, who are able to provide sufficient protection regarding your information.

Ankersoe ApS is responsible for data at

You have the right to be informed about any information we process about you.

If you think that parts of your information is inaccurate, you have the right to get it corrected. In some cases we are required to delete your personal data if you ask us to. This could be if your data is no longer necessary regarding the purpose, which we needed it for. Please contact us if you think that your personal information is being processed against the laws. You can contact us at:


Standard return form

(This form is only filled in and returned if the right of cancellation is applied)


MasterCubeStore ApS

Randersvej 26

6700 Esbjerg


I hereby state that I wish to invoke my right of cancellation regarding my purchasing agreement about the following products/services:


Date ordered: _______________________________     Date received: _______________________________

Name of the customer:  ______________________________________________________________________

Customer address:   ___________________________________________________________________

Customer signature: _________________________________________      Date: ________________

(Only if the containments of the return form are stated on paper)

Last update of the terms of trade: 19-07-2021