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MoYu Super RS3 M V2 MagLev 3x3 Stickerless UV

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Reference: MY8834

Super RS3 M V2 is a direct upgrade of the popular Super RS3 M. The cube comes with the same features as the original Super RS3, but there is a focus on increasing both speed and control of the speedcube. In addition to this, MoYu has made an effort to improve the model's setup so that it runs optimally from the first turn without the need for lubrication or adjustments. Super RS3 V2 can still be adjusted in the same way as V1, but if you prefer not to spend a lot of time and energy on the model's setup, Super RS3 M V2 is a really good choice.

Super RS3 V2 Standard is the updated version of Super RS3 M.

Super RS3 V2 MagLev comes with the MagLev system, which replaces the cube's springs with magnets, significantly reducing friction and noise.

Super RS3 V2 MagLev Ball-Core comes with both MagLev and core magnets, further increasing the cube's stability, allowing you to easily control your algorithms. This version may require a little lubrication during the initial setup.

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Product Specifications

55,5mm x 55,5mm
Gross weight
Level 2

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