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X-Man Tornado V3 Pioneer M 3x3 Stickerless UV Coated

47.19 €
Reference: QYXMD013

X-Man Tornado is the brilliant 3x3 flagship speedcube from QiYi, and the third version has just reached MasterCubeStore. X-Man Tornado is know for its breathtaking turning, it's easy-to-learn indepth customization system and last but not least it's famous tactile magnetic feel. The Tornado V3 is a direct upgrade of the V2 version of this cube, which stormed through the cube market in 2021. This new and upgraded version is a breath of fresh air, as it fixes some of the weaknesses of the V2-version, which results in an absolutely mind-blowing speedcube.

The cubes low price combined with it's wide range of customization makes the Tornado V3 an excellent choice for almost every cuber, and the speedcube can easily be used at a comptetitive level.

The Flagship version of the cube comes equipped with corner/core magnets, which hightens stability and all-round magnetic feeling.

The Pioneer version of the cube also comes with corner/core magnets, but in addition to this, it also features the popular MagLev system, which exchanges the screws for magnets to substantially reduce friction and noise.

This version of the X-Man Tornado V3 comes with UV coating, giving it a smooth and shiny surface.

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Product Specifications

55,5mm x 55,5 mm
Gross weight
Level 2

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