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GAN 562 5x5 Magnetic Ball-Core Stickerless UV Coated

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The ultimate speedcube GAN 562 5x5 Magnetic Ball-Core has arrived! As GAN's first 5x5 model, this cube sets new standards for performance and control. The GAN 562 5x5 Magnetic Ball-Core uses advanced technology previously found only in GAN's 2x2 and 3x3 models. The magnetic Ball-Core system with corner and core magnets provides a better and more controllable turning feel, which is crucial for large cubes with multiple layers. With up to 45 degrees of auto-alignment, smooth turning is ensured.

The cube is designed with an expanded outer layer for improved stability and a honeycomb structure that enhances lubricant distribution. It features 96 factory-installed magnets and 16 core magnets, providing maximum precision. Strong magnets in the outer layers and light magnets in the inner layers improve control, while the locking magnet capsules prevent the magnets from coming loose. The GAN 562 5x5 comes with a storage bag, storage box (version 13), adjustment tool, and tutorial guide. Several top cubers have used this cube to set records and achieve personal best times.

This is the UV coated version, which has a glossy outer finish.

Order your GAN 562 5x5 today and take your speedcubing to the next level with the most advanced and controllable 5x5 on the market!

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Product Specifications

62mm x 62mm
Gross weight
Level 3

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