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GAN 14 PRO MagLev 3x3 Stickerless Frosted

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The GAN 14 PRO MagLev 3x3 is the ultimate speedcube. This advanced model builds on the success of the GAN 14 and introduces a new 'Pro Level Anti-Pop' system that eliminates pop issues and ensures a smooth and fast experience. With a total of 1,296 possible configuration settings, you can customize the cube exactly to your needs and preferences.

The GAN 14 PRO MagLev 3x3 is equipped with Enhanced Core Positioning 4.0, allowing for auto-adjustment up to 40 degrees, providing an even better turning feel. The innovative MagLev technology replaces traditional springs with magnetic repulsion, resulting in a faster and more responsive cube. This model is also designed with a honeycomb pattern, improving lubricant distribution and ensuring long-lasting smoothness. With 88 factory-installed magnets and a Numerical GTN tensioning system with six settings, you get a cube that is both stable and precise.

Take your cubing to the next level with the GAN 14 PRO MagLev – the most advanced and customizable cube on the market!

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Product Specifications

56mm x 56mm
Gross weight
Level 2

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