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Ex-Mars Robot Cube
  • Ex-Mars Robot Cube
  • Ex-Mars Robot Cube
  • Ex-Mars Robot Cube
  • Ex-Mars Robot Cube
  • Ex-Mars Robot Cube

Ex-Mars Robot Cube

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To say that Ex-Mars Robot Cube can do anything would probably be a bit of an exaggeration, which is why we'll just say that it can do very very much. This robot cube can solve itself, teach you to solve cubes, play musi, become a 2x2 and much more. This innovative and unique cube from Ex-Mars has caught our attention in a whole new way. When turning on the robot, you can choose an option between 00 and 99, which will cause the cube to turn on with the selected option. 00 is a regular 3x3, 85 plays Happy Birthday, 82 is a maths game and 95 turns off the sound (This option is popular amongst parents). The cube comes along with a user manual, which shows you the different options, and in addition to all of this, the cube can also connect to an app, which can help you learn how to solve a 3x3 or strengthen your speedcubing skills. The Ex-Mars Robot Cube will definitely bring hundreds of hours of fun, learning and entertainment to all ages!

The power button is located beneath on of the corners above the screw. It must be pressed for a few seconds to turn on the robot. The robot is also easily rechargeable, as it comes along with a charging cable, which fits most phone chargers.

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